Jefferson Parish, a municipality in Louisiana was tasked with developing a diversity and inclusion initiative with the focus on creating an inclusive and respectful workplace for parish employees and for employees to work effectively with parish residents. DMM was hired to support the parish initiative by developing a sustainable Diversity and & Inclusion Management Plan that aligned with the parish’s business strategy and culture. DMM conducted a cultural assessment through a series of focus groups with parish employees obtaining qualitative data on their opinion and perception of the work environment within Jefferson Parish government. The assessment revealed the values and beliefs that assisted the parish government in determining where it was and where it wanted to be. Based on the results of the assessment, a series of customized education and training seminars were developed and delivered to 600 directors and supervisors. The goal of the leadership and development training was to enhance leadership skills of Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and Supervisors working in parish government. The success of the DMM strategic diversity and inclusion work resulted in the creation of an employee led Diversity Advisory Board.
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