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DMM and Associates, LLC is an award-winning, women-owned firm specializing in cultivating success by collaborating with clients to build transformative, sustainable systems proven to maximize profit and performance.  Our firm offers a broad range of consulting services to high-performance public and private firms. DMM’s three-pronged approach to building operational efficiency includes a comprehensive array of services structured under the broad framework of Organizational Development, Project and Performance Management, and Compliance/Advisory Services Support.

Our track record in the utility, construction, and emergency preparedness sectors has helped organizations such as Entergy New Orleans, the Roy Anderson Corporation and HRI Properties develop and consistently deliver results aligned with project expectations.  We offer clients compelling insight to assess performance, address challenges, and improve operational efficiencies to impact their bottom line.  DMM is also a double-bottom line (DBL) consulting firm firmly committed to helping its clients extend the conventional bottom line that measures fiscal performance - financial profit or loss - by adding a second bottom line measuring performance in terms of positive social impact.  Our track record of facilitating community engagement and equity and inclusion initiatives includes helping corporate partners build successful diversity and inclusion programs, the structuring and implementation of DBE goals, and forging successful public private partnerships on behalf of our client stakeholders. 
DMM partners and associates are highly skilled professionals with advanced degrees and certifications and expertise in human capital strategies, education and health care management and leadership, diversity management, cultural competency, workforce development education and training, change management, evaluation, monitoring and recruitment and retention.
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